Santa Clara County Medical Association Emphasizes Importance of Landlines

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Physicians in the heart of Silicon Valley and elsewhere are speaking up about the need to defend our landline systems. Cindy Russell, VP of Community Health for the Santa Clara County Medical Association (SCCMA), wrote an article in the May/ June issue of the SCCMA Bulletin about the public health consequences of destroying our landlines.

See page 26 of the May/ June SCCMA newsletter for Dr. Russell’s fantastic article about why landline telephones matter to public health.

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San Francisco AT&T Protest May 23rd

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 4.16.52 PMProtest AT&T’s Threats to Destroy our Safe and Reliable Landline Telephone Service

11:30am Monday May 23rd

425 Market St. (at Fremont St.) 

AT&T Wireless Store

Bring your friends, signs, and landline telephone handsets for a group shot.

AT&T and other big telecom corporations are pushing through legislation to deregulate and discontinue analog copper landline telephone service, which we depend on as the only safe and reliable means to call for help during power outages and emergencies, to access services, conduct business, and to reach our loved ones safely and reliably.

Telecom companies are now bullying and deceiving customers into accepting more expensive, lower quality, unreliable digital phone connections that leave them vulnerable to hacking, scams, overcharges and serious health problems.

Join us to demand AT&T stop its attacks on our copper lifeline, and properly maintain and guarantee us all continued access to our landline infrastructure.

For more information or media contact, please e-mail

AB 2395 at Assembly Utilities Committee

Timepoints for the above video of the Utilities Committee Hearing on April 13th

Committee on Utilities and Commerce
April 13, 2016
Assembly Bill 2395

Deregulation and Discontinuation of Analog Landline Service

Evan Low, Bill Author: 00:16

Ken McNeely, President, AT&T California: 05:07
Gary Passmore, Vice President North, Congress of California Seniors: 10:43
Dave Roberts, Fire Chief, El Dorado Hills Fire Department: 14:25
Public comment: 17:22

Tom Runnion, Vice President, Comm. Workers of America (CWA), District 9: 24:24
Kevin Mottus, California Brain Tumor Association, Los Angeles: 32:01
Josh Hart, Director, 37:35
Mark Toney, Executive Director, The Utility Reform Network (TURN): 44:44
Public comment: 48:48

Hazel Miranda, Director, Office of Governmental Affairs, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC): 1:07:33

Bill Quirk:  1:09:07
Ken McNeely

David Hadley: 1:16:42
Ken McNeely

Jay Obernolte: 1:23:35
Ken McNeely

Rocky J. Chavez: 1:25:11
Ken McNeely

Philip Y. Ting: 1:29:34
Ken McNeely
Evan Low

Eduardo Garcia: 1:32:10
Brian Dahle: 1:33:55
Susan Talamantes Eggman: 1:34:40
Ken McNeely
Tom Runnion: 1:40:12
Roger Hernandez: 1:41:53
Jim Patterson: 1:46:03
Mike Gatto: 1:47:42

Evan Low: 1:50:47
VOTE: 1:53:36